Experience Leads to Perfection.


Vanguard Pai Lung offers a wide range of services for our customers. Our experts provide fast support by phone, email or in person.

We currently offer expert service of:

  • All Vanguard circular knitting machines
  • All remanufactured Vanguard Knitting machines
  • Conversions of existing Vanguard knitting machines
  • Flatbed collar machines
  • Spare parts and knitting accessories for ALL circular knitting manufacturers
Our highly trained experts will come to you and inspect your Vanguard Pai Lung machine(s) on a 35 point checklist. We will give you insight on improving factory safety and conditions while maximizing productivity and efficiency.
If you have a damaged cylinder, send it to us and our experienced inspectors will determine if it can be repaired or not. We will fix it and return it promptly to you.
Get in contact with the expert software developers who built KMS from scratch. We will provide insight on how to maximize the features of KMS, giving you complete control of your factory all from your computer, tablet or phone. Our experts will troubleshoot any network connectivity problems, as well as software bugs.