Experience Leads to Perfection.


When two knitting industry powerhouses join forces, the results are destined to be boundless. So, when Taiwanese circular knitting machine builder Pail Lung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. acquired the historic Vanguard Supreme Machine Company of Monroe, North Carolina, the new company—Vanguard Pailung, quickly became the world leader in weft knit product offerings.

Known for manufacturing the fastest circular knitting machine in the world at 70 revolutions per minute on a 30-inch diameter machine, Vanguard Pailung not only brings speeds into the equation, but precision as well. With almost 150 years of combined experience in the knitting world, Vanguard Pailung has utilized hard-won knowledge to perfect its products and services.

As the only remaining creator of large diameter circular knitting machines in North America, the newly merged Vanguard Pailung is highly respected for speed, precision, reliability, and effectivity. Teamwork and fresh innovation has allowed Vanguard Pailung to develop products and features, including advanced knit shoe upper creation capabilities, Open Innovation Lab, and comprehensive fabric analysis. With over 80 knitting machine variations, and 6,000 fabric options, Vanguard Pailung not only offers the widest range of products, but has also developed an experience that is uniquely customizable based on each client’s needs.